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The Haematology Team GP telephone advice line is available from 3-5pm each weekday. Many questions can be answered over the phone thus avoiding unnecessary referrals and advice letters, saving time for both patients and clinicians. The advice line has highlighted a number of frequently asked questions

Dedicated GP Line

The aim of the dedicated GP line is to provide advice on the further investigation or management of abnormalities uncovered on haematological laboratory results.

Whilst we recognise that this will inevitably result in clinical as well as laboratory advice, we do not feel that it is appropriate to use this service to ask for advice about specific patients already being investigated and/or managed by the Clinical Haematology service. Enquires of this variety should be directed via the secretary of the consultant in charge of the patient's care.

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Ordering extra tests

The time limit for requesting extra tests is within 2 days of sample collection for EDTA and SST, Citrate samples are unsuitable for the addition of extra tests, a new specimen should be taken.

Dr Josephine Crowe

Consultant Haematologist

Theresa Peters

Clinical Nurse Specialist

Dr J. Crowe

Dr C. Knechtli

Dr S. Moore

Dr S. Wexler


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