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Blood Sciences

Blood Test Information

17-OH Progesterone
minimum sample volume required ~ 5ml

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Test Code: 17P

Tube type: SST

Special instructions
Blood spot also useable in some cases. Do not take within 48 hours of birth.

Sent away to the Endocrine laboratory, Department of Medical Biochemistry, University of Wales, Cardiff
Contact Laboratory before requesting

Reference range
Reference ranges are age and sex dependent, please see report or contact lab.


Turnaround Time
14 days

Department: Biochemistry

Clinical Application
Diagnosis and monitoring treatment in patients with congenital adrenal hyperplasia due to 21-hydroxylase deficiency. The test is also useful in investigation of hirsutism not due to polycystic ovary disease (a partial deficiency of the 21-hydroxylase enzyme can present in adult women)
NOTE: Blood spots can be used for monitoring known cases only, but plasma is required for urgent diagnosis. At least 2 blood spots taken onto ‘Guthrie’ filter cards. Allow to dry, put into polythene bag for posting. NB collect sample at least one day after birth.
Sequential measurement of 17-OHP as part of a short synacthen test (request 17-OHP as well as cortisol) is used in the investigation of suspected 21-hydroxylase deficiency where basal values are non-diagnostic.


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