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Blood Sciences

Blood Test Information

Autoimmune Encephalitis Screen
(a.k.a NMDAR, AMPA1, AMPA2, LGI1, CASPR2, GABA receptor B1)
minimum sample volume required ~ 5ml

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Special instructions
Minimum retesting interval: Test should not be repeated within 365 days.

Sent away to Birmingham Clinical Neuroimmunology

Reference range

Turnaround Time
21 days

Department: Immunology

Clinical Application
Used for the diagnosis of treatable autoimmune encephalitis. Serum from the patient is screened on transfected HEK cells for the detection of the following antibodies:

Glutamate receptor type: NMDA , AMPA1 and AMPA2

Voltage-gated potassium channel associated proteins:

Leucine-rich glioma inactivated protein 1 (LGI1) and Contactin-associated protein 2 (CASPR2)

GABA receptors 1 (GABARB1)


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