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Factor V Leiden

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Tube type: Blank

Special instructions
Sample Type: 3ml Sodium citrate or EDTA whole blood.

Do not centrifuge or concentrate the blood sample by plasma removal.

Store at 22-28C (room temperature) for 24 hours. The sample should be stored at 2-8C (in fridge) if stored longer than 24 hours. The blood sample is stable for up to 15 days when stored at 2-8C.

For URGENT requests please contact haematology laboratory.

Contact Haem consultant before requesting. Time limit for add on = fresh sample. Interfering substances= none known

Contact Laboratory before requesting

Reference range


Linked to
Thrombophilia Screen

Turnaround Time
14 days

Department: Haematology

Clinical Application
Test forms part of the thrombophilia screen.

Full thrombophilia screen includes: Factor V Leiden, factor II (prothrombin) G20210A gene mutation, lupus anticoagulant screen, anticardiolipin quantitation, antithrombin activity, protein C activity, free protein S antigen, anti-beta2 glycoprotein-1, clotting screen and FBC.

Thrombophilia screen requires 4-5 citrate samples, 1 x EDTA, 1 x clotted sample(SST)


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