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Blood Sciences

Blood Test Information

Blood Group and Antibody Screen
minimum sample volume required ~ 6ml

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Special instructions
Sample requires full name, date of birth, RUH or NHS number, and signature of blood taker on the sample and form.

If the patient has been transfused, or pregnant, in the last 3 months, sample valid up to three days (between sample date and subsequent transfusion). If not transfused, or pregnant, within the last 3 months, sample valid up to 7 days.

Two sample rule from Tx policy:

The second sample must be taken:
only when prompted by a comment on ICE or the Blood Transfusion
by a different member of staff to the one who took the first sample
no sooner than 30 minutes after the first sample was taken

Any second repeat samples which do not comply with the above will be rejected.

Linked to
Group and Save, Group and Screen

Turnaround Time
1 day

Department: Blood Bank


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