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Chromogranin A
minimum sample volume required ~ 4ml

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Test Code: CHA

Special instructions
For a full Gut Hormone profile: 3 EDTA tubes are required, samples should be transported in ice and samples MUST be received in laboratory within 15 minutes of collection.

An 8 hour fast is preferred, but only essential for full Gut Hormone profile

For Chromogranin A or B alone: time can be extended to reach lab within 30 minutes of collection and only 1 x EDTA required.

Sent away to Charing Cross Hospital, London
Contact Laboratory before requesting

Reference range
<60 pmol/L


Linked to
Gut Hormones

Turnaround Time
21 days

Department: Biochemistry

Clinical Application
Chromagranins are secreted by most neuroendocrine tumours and can be used for monitoring and detecting recurrence. They are often measured as part of a Gut Hormone profile.

Increased levels can also be seen in patients with decreased renal function, patients with atrophic gastritis and patients with ongoing treatments with proton-pump inhibitory drugs. PPI should be stopped, if possible, for 2 weeks prior to testing.

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