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Blood Sciences

Blood Test Information

Free Protein S Antigen
(a.k.a Protein S, Prot, PRS, FPS)
minimum sample volume required ~ 2.7ml

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Tube type: 9NC

Special instructions
Contact Haem consultant before requesting. Patients on warfarin or with elevated Rheumatoid factor should not be tested. Time limit for add on= fresh sample required

Please contact laboratory for paediatric reference ranges.

Please note that this test is not accredited to ISO:15189 due to recent changes in equipment. This test has been verified internally and accreditation has been applied for.

Contact Laboratory before requesting

Reference range
0.7 - 1.48 (Male) 0.50 - 1.34 (Female)


Linked to
Thrombophilia screen

Turnaround Time
42 days

Department: Haematology


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