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Steroid Profile

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Test Code: SPR

Tube type: Universal Container

Special instructions
Random urine (plain) for qualitative analysis. A timed 24hr urine (plain) collection is only required for calculation of daily secretion rates.
For newborns: a faeces free nappy collection can be used. Samples should be collected after day 3 of life.
Urine must be collected before steroid (e.g hydrocortisone) or electrolyte treatment commences.
If glucocorticoid treatment essential: Dexamethasone is preferred.
Clinical details required.

Sent away to the Department of Clinical Biochemistry, King's College Hospital, London
Contact Laboratory before requesting

Reference range
The steroid reference laboratory provides age appropriate reference data and an interpretation of results based on relevant clinical information.

Turnaround Time
21 days

Department: Biochemistry

Clinical Application
Identification of inborn errors of steroid metabolism: Premature adrenarche; precocious puberty; Gender ambiguity, Male pseudo-hermaphroditism or salt wasting. Life threatening steroid deficiency needs to be identified rapidly.

1. Disorders of adrenal steroid biosynthesis.
2. DSD,Male pseudo-hermaphroditism.
3. Steroid-producing tumours.
4. Steroid sulphatase deficiency.
5. Congenital adrenal hypoplasia.
6. Premature adrenarche / precocious puberty.

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