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Blood Sciences

Blood Test Information

(a.k.a Estradiol, E2, 17-b Oestradiol)
minimum sample volume required ~ 5ml

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Test Code: E2

Tube type: SST

Other acceptable tube types
Lithium heparin (pale green)

Special instructions
Cycle details required

Time limit for add on
2 days post collection

Reference range
See report or contact lab

Turnaround Time
2 days

Department: Biochemistry

Clinical Application
JCEM Endocrine society consensus statement 2014 agreed that use should be limited until assay performance improved.

Oestradiol utility is limited to:
Fertility treatment
Endocrine clinic assessment of hypothalamic/pituitary failure
Precocious puberty
Adrenal tumours, gonadal dysgenesis
Transgender treatment
Rarely - HRT absorption with transdermal route (only via menopause/expert clinic)


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