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Blood Test Information

minimum sample volume required ~ 4ml

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Test Code: INS

Tube type: EDTA

Other acceptable tube types
Lithium heparin (pale green), SST (yellow)

Special instructions
Send concurrent fluoride sample for Glucose.

Interpretation of insulin results
During confirmed hypoglycaemia (glucose <2.7 mmol/L)
<7 pmol/L: Adequate suppression
7-19 pmol/L: Intermediate insulin
≥20 pmol/L: Inappropriately raised insulin
Reference range for insulin during fasted, but not hypoglycaemic state:
20-160 pmol/L

Sent away to Bristol Royal Infirmary


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Turnaround Time
5 days

Department: Biochemistry

Clinical Application
Measurement of insulin may be useful in the investigation of unexplained hypoglycaemia (glucose <2.7 mmol/L). Insulin should be interpreted in the context of the glucose concentration, so a simultaneous sample for glucose measurement is required.

Measurement of insulin may typically be measured as part of a neonatal hypoglycaemia screen, and in suspected insulinoma.

Webpage updated: March 2024.

» Metbio.net Guidelines for investigation of hypoglycaemia in infants/children


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