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Blood Sciences

Blood Test Information

(a.k.a Glycated Haemolglobin)
minimum sample volume required ~ 4ml

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Tube type: EDTA

Special instructions
Microvette collection tubes for paediatric samples are also acceptable.
Interfering substances- none known
Add on time limit = 3 days
Minimum retesting interval:
Test should not be repeated within 60 days

Reference range
When HbA1c is requested for diabetes monitoring: QOF control targets are 59, 64, 75.--------------For diabetes diagnosis see below.

mmol/mol HbA0

Turnaround Time
2 days

Department: Haematology

Clinical Application
1. Long term monitoring of diabetes contol.---------------------------------------------------------------------

2. Diagnosis of diabetes in appropriate individuals (see Diagnosis of Diabetes Mellitus guideline below for further information).---------------------------------------------------------------------------

-HbA1c <42 mmol/mol: Not consistent with diabetes mellitus, but may still be at high risk. Review lifestyle measures and monitor as clinically indicated.-----------------------------------------------

HbA1c 42-47 mmol/mol: High diabetes risk. Provide intensive lifestyle advice and monitor HbA1c at least annually.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

HbA1c >47 mmol/mol: Diagnostic of diabetes mellitus (NB: repeat to confirm within two weeks in asymptomatic patients).

» Diagnosis of Diabetes Mellitus guidelines


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