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Blood Test Information

minimum sample volume required ~ 5ml

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Test Code: FSH

Tube type: SST

Other acceptable tube types
Lithium heparin (pale green)

Special instructions

Reference Range
Female >12 years:

Follicular phase: 3.9 - 8.8
Mid cycle: 4.5 - 22.5
Luteal phase: 1.8 - 5.1
Peri or post menopausal: >16
Male >12 years: 1.3 - 19.3


Linked to
Gonadotrophins, LH

Turnaround Time
2 days

Department: Biochemistry

Clinical Application
Measurement of LH, FSH are used in investigation of infertility, amenorrhoea and menopausal status. Day 1-3 samples are preferred, if possible. Measurement as part of gonadotrophin-relasing-hormone test is used in investigation of precocious and delayed puberty.

NICE NG 23 states that in women who are otherwise healthy and >45 years of age diagnosis of the menopause or perimenopause should be WITHOUT laboratory testing but based on:

Perimenopause - vasomotor symptoms and irregular periods
Menopause - No period for 12 months where not using contraception
Menopause - Based on symptoms where there is no intact uterus
FSH testing does not improve management and considerable health savings could be made by avoiding this unwarranted test.

The exception to this is when women are on progesterone-only-contraception and 50-55 years of age but wish to discontinue contraception. If FSH is in peri-menopausal range repeat at 1 year before stopping (FSRH).


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