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Blood Sciences

Blood Test Information

minimum sample volume required ~ 5ml

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Test Code: CRY

Tube type: SST

Special instructions
The laboratory MUST be contacted (x4712) to arrange collection of pre-warmed blood tubes in a warm sand flask from the Pathology Laboratory (level 1, B38), Mon-Fri 9am-12noon (analysis cannot take place outside these times).

Sample requirements

ALL SAMPLES MUST be drawn (using vacuette or butterfly but not syringe) into pre-labelled, pre-warmed blood tubes, kept in warm sand and transported immediately to the Pathology Laboratory (level 1, B38).

For new ?Cryoglobulin requests:

Request Cryoglobulin, Serum Electrophoresis, Immunoglobulins, Rheumatoid Factor, Free light chains and Complement analysis.


2 x completely full 5 mL yellow top serum samples, request label attached. Place back into warm sand immediately.


2 x completely full 4 mL EDTA samples (purple topped), handwritten label. Place back into warm sand immediately.


1 x Yellow top SST blood tube. Do NOT place into sand, keep at room temperature.

For patients with known Cryoglobulinaemia:

Request Serum Electrophoresis analysis.


1 x completely full 5 mL yellow top Serum sample, request label attached.

Contact Laboratory before requesting

Reference range

Turnaround Time
10 days

Department: Biochemistry

Clinical Application
The purpose of this test is to identify the presence of cryoproteins, these are proteins which precipitate or form a gel at temperatures below body temperature (37C) and re-dissolve upon warming.

Please note: this test is not currently accredited by UKAS to the ISO 15189 (2012) Standard.


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