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Hydrotherapy is available in a warm water pool with hoist facilities by referral from a GP consultant, physiotherapist or nurse specialist.

Indications for hydrotherapy are: severe pain, partial or non-weight bearing, multi trauma, severe movement restrictions and severe muscle weakness.

We accept a wide variety of patients including patients with orthopaedic, musculoskeletal and neurological conditions.

Details of the Pool

Depth: 4 ft – 5 ft
Temperature: 34 – 36 ° Celsius

The service is limited to Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 9 – 12 am

Sessions are 1:2 and lasts for half an hour and a will be a therapist in the pool with you. A maximum of 6 sessions provided.

There are certain medical conditions that are unsuitable for Hydrotherapy.

At present there is a waiting list unless the condition is urgent.

Private Sessions

Outside these sessions we run a number of paid classes and one to one sessions. Please note - there is a waiting list for these sessions.


A session for you to do your own exercises with a therapist on the poolside for supervision: £35 for 10 sessions


Gentle exercise class taught by a therapist on poolside: £40 for 10 sessions

Private 1:1 sessions

These session are available with a senior hydro therapist: £50 per ½ hour

Pool Hire

The pool can be rented out to external groups at &15 per hour and there are a few spaces available at present

Contact Us

For further queries or bookings please contact RUH Physiotherapy Reception on 01225 824293 and leave a message and a member of the hydrotherapy team will get back to you.

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