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Parathyroid Ultrasound Image

An Ultrasound scan of the neck may be carried out as part of your investigations. This involves passing a probe over the front of your neck. It involves no radiation and is painless. Ultrasound can be used to guide an FNA test. It is rare for a CT or an MRI scan to be requested in addition to this.

Isotope Thyroid Scan

This test will be carried out in the Department of Nuclear medicine (for thyrotoxic nodule), similar imaging may be needed for parathyroid and adrenal conditions (which are occasionally linked to thyroid lumps). It involves the injection of a small amount of radioactive material that collects in the thyroid. You are then placed next to a camera which builds up an image of the thyroid and allows differentiation between differing thyroid conditions.

Parathyroid Sestamibi Scan Images

Sestamibi scan

This test is also carried out in the Department of Nuclear medicine as part of investigations into an overactive parathyroid gland. It is a similar test to that described for the Thyroid.

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