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Elective DC Cardioversion


In carefully selected patients it is possible to convert the abnormal rhythms of Atrial Fibrillation or Atrial Flutter to normal Sinus Rhythm by Direct Current Cardioversion under General Anaesthetic.


Patients are asked to attend a Pre-Clerking Clinic in advance for physical examination, chest X-ray, ECG, ECHO and blood tests. The procedure is explained thoroughly at this time and outstanding questions are addressed.

Details of the procedure are in the document: A Patient's Guide to DC Cardioversion


Tuesday and occasionally Friday


Suitable patients are referred by a Cardiologist following on Outpatient Clinic consultation or hospital admission.

Appointments are made by Sister Hester Davies, Pre-admission Nurse


Cardiac Ward, 2nd Floor Central, Royal United Hospital, Bath



  • Check INR weekly from receipt of the clinic letter advising forthcoming DC cardioversion. INR must be >2 for 4 weeks to minimise risk of stroke during the procedure. Sister Davies checks the results with the Pathology Laboratory and arranges an admission date accordingly.
  • Check thyroid function

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