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Paediatric Oncology

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The service

All children suffering from leukaemia or cancer within our area are treated by us. We work within the Southwest shared care system, Bristol children's hospital being the regional unit.

We are situated in the Children's Unit at the RUH.

The unit is divided into three area's, babies, toddlers/children, and adolescents. We have a large playroom, school room, and adolescent chill out room.

Parent facilities for sleeping and relaxing away from the main ward are all within the unit. Purpose built cubicles with parents room & shower with toilet attached are used when ever possible for our children.

The service team / Core members of the Multi Disciplinary Team (MDT)

Dr P Bates
Associate Specialist

Dr J Ramachandra
Consultant Paediatrician

Sarah Fay
Paediatric oncology outreach nurse specialist

Ally Richardson
Paediatric oncology outreach nurse specialist

Dianne Bartholomew
CLIC Sargent social worker

Carol Jackson
Paediatric lead pharmacist

Extended members of the MDT

Paediatric, Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist, Psychology Therapist, Play Specialist, Education Liaison, Consultant Radiologist.

Palliative Care is given by the core MDT within the child's home, working alongside the families GP practice.

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Research - Open Clinical Trials

All children are enrolled in clinical trials.

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Other Services

All other applicable services available are given through the core MDT

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Patient Information Leaflets

Paediatric Oncology - A Guide for Patients and Parents

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Contacts and Links

Dr Rudds secretary
Telephone No: 01225 824393

Every Wednesday 9.00am - 12.00pm in the Paediatric Outpatient Department.

Team is available and contactable through the children's unit 01225 824442
Or the CLIC office, 01225 824435 (answer phone)

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