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Bath Supraregional Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC) Service for Adults and Children


What we offer

Our work falls into four main categories:

  • Diagnosis of TSC and second opinions.
  • Management of TSC, including ensuring regular screening for the complications of TSC.
  • Genetic counselling, with support, information and advice about this genetic condition.
  • Advice and consultation to local health care services.

You may be referred to the TSC clinic because:

  • It is thought you may have TSC.
  • You have had a recent diagnosis of TSC .We can provide further information and support about your condition and help you to manage it.
  • A close family member has TSC and you want to be checked to see whether you also have TSC.
  • You have TSC and want further support in managing your condition and/or want to investigate treatment options.

At your first appointment we will:

  • Ask you what you expect from your appointment and any questions you may have.
  • Ask you about your medical history, including your medications, doses and any tests and scans you may have had. Please bring any relevant clinic letters with you.
  • Carry out a detailed physical examination to look for any outward signs of TSC you may have.
  • Discuss and agree with you a plan for further follow up

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