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General Enquiries at the RUH

General Enquiries 01225 824364
General Enquiries Fax 01228 825515
Radiology Reception 01225 824358
Radiology Reception Fax 01225 821302

Do you need to cancel or change a pre-existing appointment?

CT 01225 825989
MRI 01225 824072
Diagnostic Ultrasound 01225 825529
Princess Anne Wing Ultrasound 01225 824568 / 824380
Fluoroscopy 01225 824378

Appointments Fax 01225 825515

Location of the Radiology Department

To locate the Main Radiology Department at the Royal United Hospital, when you enter the hospital follow the signs to Zone B and look for the department labelled B7 (it is on the Ground Floor).

If you have a scan booked at the Ultrasound Department within Princess Anne Wing, follow the signs to Zone D and look for the department labelled D3 (also on the Ground Floor).

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