Patients & Visitors

Children's Centre

What is hospital like?

Hospitals used to be a bit scary for children, but nowadays hospitals are much more friendly places. Most hospitals have special children's wards and at the RUH this section is called the Children's Centre.

There is a play room, a teenage chill-out lounge and a school room. A sitting room is available for parents and we even have space for one of your parents to sleep!

Our nurses and doctors know that things are very different to home, and it's okay to ask questions so that you feel more comfortable with your surroundings.

It's also okay to ask questions about your illness and what is going to happen. Doctors and nurses know that you may be feeling scared or nervous.

Hospitals always smell different to home because we have to be really careful about keeping everything very clean. We use a lot of special disinfectant and that's what you smell.

The Children's Centre looks different to home too. You may find that you don't have a room of your own but get to share with other children.

We have special furniture and lots of gadgets that you won't have at home.

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