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Staying in the hospital

Most children who go to hospital are only there for a few hours or a day.

Playing outside the Children's Centre

If you are going for the day you can take a favourite toy or book with you so that you have something to do if you are waiting.

Mum, Dad or whoever looks after you will be able to stay with you at the hospital. They may even be able to come with you into the operating theatre if you are going to have an operation, so that you know they are there.

They will be ready to take you home again when the doctors say you can go home.

If you are going to be with us for a few days it is a good idea to have your own pyjamas or nightie, toys, books and games, and day clothes (you don't stay in bed all the time so you will usually be able to wear your clothes in the daytime). Of course, we also have toys and books that you can use while you are with us.

Parents or Carers can stay on the ward

Your friends and family can come to visit you too. It's good if they don't all come at once or it could get too noisy for you and the other sick children in the hospital. After all, you are here to get better!

It's not a good idea for people who are sick to come and see you, as their germs could make you or the other children in the hospital more sick than you were before.

If Mum or Dad can't stay with you, don't worry - the nurses will look after you and there are lots of people around for you to talk to if you are feeling scared or lonely. You can ask questions if you're not sure about something.

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