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Urethral pressure profile and videourodynamics

A small percentage of patients will need to have further studies called urethral pressure profile testing and videourodynamics.

What does the procedure involve?

The urethral pressure profile is performed to assess the pressure in the urethra (water pipe). Local anaesthetic gel is passed into the urethra and a very fine tube is inserted into and out of the bladder 2-3 times.

Videourodynamics will then be performed. The procedure is the same as urodynamics, however, when the bladder is filling a radiographer and urologist will be present to X-ray the bladder as it fills and empties.

The urologist will then review the results and discuss any further treatment.

What should I expect when I get home?

When you go home we would like you to drink plenty of fluids for the next 24-48 hours in order to flush your system through.

If you experience flu-like symptoms, shivering/shaking, any pain/burning when passing urine or a high temperature, you should contact your GP since you may require treatment with antibiotics.

If you are unable to pass urine after the test, you should contact your GP or the Specialist Nurses immediately.

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