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Norovirus: The Vomiting Bug


These three short films are a result of a partnership between the RUH and the local primary care trust.

We have used volunteer members of the public to depict the patients and visitors and hospital clinicians to talk from personal experience about the impact of bring Norovirus from the community into hospitals and health centres.

A clever use of inky handprints show very simply how the diarrhoea and vomiting (D&V) bug spreads quickly, easily and with devastating effect.

Each film also contains important and useful advice about what to do if you are suffering symptoms of D&V

Norovirus Visitors Charter

The Films

This short film shows what happens when a student, suffering symptoms of the diahorrea and vomiting bug, Norovirus decides to go to his local hospital's Emergency Department to seek treatment. Using cleverly stylised handprints the film depicts how the student unwittingly spreads infection through the department and to other people.

This short film shows what happens when a mother, worried about her young child who has been sick, takes him to her local hospital to seek treatment as her first point of contact for help. He is relatively lively and doesn't mind who shares his infection.

The third in the series looks at the impact of norovirus in hospitals and healthcare settings through the eyes of a hospital patient and his visitor. When John, despite suffering D&V feels he must visit a friend in hospital, it's not just a book he takes as a gift to the ward.

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