Working for us

The Recruitment Process


We recognise that getting to find out all you need to know and do to do your new job can take some time, so to help, we break your induction down into a number of parts.

This is your first day with us and gives you the opportunity to meet up with other new joiners.

This is very much determined by your role and happens over a number of days after we have welcomed you. We share your timetable with you before you start with us so you know what to expect.

This starts when you begin in your department and we allow up to 3 months for you to do this. There is a very handy check list to help guide you through what needs to be done to help settle you in and get to know what is what.

This for us is a vital part of your induction and happens at about 3 months. It is an opportunity for you to tell us about your experience of working with us as a new starter and share any ideas you may have as a pair of Fresh Eyes.

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