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Health in Pregnancy Service

Health in Pregnancy Service

Pregnancy is a time when many women are motivated to make positive changes to their lifestyle, such as eating more fruit and vegetables, exercising regularly and stopping smoking.

There are a number of ways that we can support you with this; services vary slightly depending on where you live.

The Health in Pregnancy Service is available for all pregnant women who live in the Bath and North East Somerset area.

We provide support for pregnant women to:

  • Achieve a healthy weight gain in pregnancy
  • Stop Smoking

Our friendly team will support you to make life style changes that will not only benefit you but also your family. We offer home visits for your comfort and convenience or we can see you at your birthing centre or GP practice.

Our names are Dawn, Tammy and Mandy and we are proud to be part of this service. Please ask your midwife at booking to refer you or you can contact us yourself.

We are a friendly team of health professionals offering support with weight management and smoking cessation in pregnancy.

We are based at Chippenham and Trowbridge birthing centres and have positive feedback from women who have engaged with our project.

We support you to achieve a steady weight gain in your pregnancy, offer you tips for safe exercise and also techniques to support you to address any stress and anxiety that you may be experiencing. It is a holistic approach aimed to encourage a healthier and safer pregnancy and birth.

We offer friendly one-to-one support to help you (and your partner) to stop smoking. Being smoke free will give immediate benefits to you and your baby.

Please speak to your midwife about our services or

  • Phone us direct on : 01249 456539
  • Text us on 07557 544936 (Trowbridge) or 07557 544932 (Chippenham)

The Bloom Project Team look forward to meeting you:
Project Lead and Midwifery Sister: Jo Coggins
Health in Pregnancy Midwife: Karen Doran
Health in Pregnancy Advisors: Jackie Butterfield
Donna Davis
Nicky Manson
Administrator: Joanne Campbell

The Mums2Be Smokefree service is available to all women who live or work in the county of Somerset.

The service is provided by dedicated, specialist pregnancy stop smoking advisors who provide free support and stop smoking medication for you (and your partner or other household members too, if they wish) right through pregnancy and beyond, in your home or other convenient location.

The service has a very good success rate, a popular Facebook Group for mutual support, and if you quit and stay quit you can receive up to £200 in Love2Shop vouchers to spend on you or your baby.

Ask for a referral from your midwife or contact Smokefreelife Somerset direct

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