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The Service

The department specialises in treating Cancer and Haematology disorders. Oncology doctors treat solid cancers and the haematology team treat blood cancers and also other haematological conditions that are not cancer.

Note: if patients are unwell and on treatment they should ring the 24hr advice number 01225 82 4852

Doctors, specialist nurses, pharmacists and radiographers see patients in the department.

The waiting room is used for patients attending clinics, waiting for radiotherapy treatment and chemotherapy treatment.

The clinics are arranged to see new patients and patients on treatment and follow up.

We are situated in the RUH North.

The Radiotherapy treatment area and the Chemotherapy suite are located in the department. William Budd day care facility is next door to the department.

There is a reception area staffed Monday to Friday, and waiting room with a trolley bay facility for people to lie down if required. There is access to a patio and garden area.

Drinks and biscuits are served by volunteers and provided by the Bath Cancer Unit Support Group during the morning clinics.

There are seven clinic rooms, a phlebotomy room and a pharmacy service all located in the outpatients unit.

There is a room for wig fitting.

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Coming to clinic

Work is beginning very soon to demolish old buildings at the RUH to prepare the ground for our new Dyson Cancer Centre. This will mean some changes if you are visiting Oncology:

  • Blue Badge car park P3 will remain open
  • Access to Zone A for Oncology Outpatients, Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy, Day Case and William Budd ward will be via the RUH main entrance

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The Service Team/Core members of the Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT)

Contact details

Appointments: 01225 821821
Other Enquiries: 01225 824797

Outpatient Reception
Oncology/Haematology Nursing Team

The team is made up of registered nurses and health care assistants.


Telephone : 01225 824704 (Secretaries number for all consultants)

Dr Crowe

Dr Knechtli

Dr Moore

Dr Murray

Dr Page

Dr Robson

Dr Wexler

Theresa Peters : 01225 825091
Haematology Nurse Specialist (8-4 Mon–Fri)

Sue Coppin : 01225 826257
Haematology Nurse Specialist (8.30-4.30 Mon – Wed)

Jo Moore : 01225 825091
Haematology Nurse Specialist (8-4 Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri)

Oncologists: Clinical Dr Beresford : 01225 824797
Clinical Lead. Specialises in breast and urological cancers and CNS.

Dr Cox : 01225 824831
Radiotherapy lead. Specialises in colorectal and lung cancers and radiotherapy for haematology malignancies.

Dr De Winton : 01225 825329
nES Clinical Oncology SpR. Specialty Tutor for Oncology. Specialises in in colorectal , head and neck and gynaecological cancers.

Dr Frim : 01225 824797
Specialises in breast and urological cancers.

Dr Elwell : 01225 824831
Specialises in skin and urological cancers.

Oncologists: Medical Dr Bowen : 01225 824831
Lead for oncology trials unit. Specialises in breast and gynaecological cancers.

Dr Gangadhara : 01225 825329
AOS lead. Specialises in colorectal, upper gastrointestinal cancers and neuroendocrine tumours.

Dr Tillett : 01225 825329
Governance lead. Specialises in lung cancer, upper gastrointestinal, melanoma and carcinoma of unknown primary.

Dr Bennett : 01225 824317
Specialises in upper gastrointestinal and gynaecological cancers and carcinoma of unknown primary.

Pharmacist Nathan Hutchinson-Jones : 01225 821793
Lead Pharmacist for Thrombosis and Anticoagulation.

email :

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Research - Open Clinical Trials

There is a clinical trials team based in the department.

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Other Services

The expertise of all other health care professionals can be accessed from the department. Within the department there is direct access to the Radiotherapy treatment radiographers, the Chemotherapy nurses, Pharmacy Staff, William Budd Day Care staff, William Budd ward staff (the inpatient unit) and the hairdresser for wig fitting.

The main services accessed outside of the department are:

* Macmillan Support workers : contact via the information & support centre

You will be referred to a Macmillan support worker and they work in the Macmillan cancer information and support centre. The support centre can be contacted on 01225 82 4049 or via email . You will have a named support worker.

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Useful Links

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