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Blood Test Information

Mercury (Urine)
24 Hour Urine (no Preservative)(Phone (82)4712 to order)

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Tube type: Plain 24hr Urine

Special instructions

Reference Range
Hg:Cr Ratio (mole) <5.0
Hg:Cr Ratio (mass) <8.8

(mole) nmol/mmol Creat
(mass) g/g Creat

Sent away to Trace element laboratory, Cardiff

Turnaround Time
21 days

Department: Biochemistry

Clinical Application
Mercury amalgam fillings - measurement of urinary mercury is not helpful for identifying increased mercury exposure due to dental amalgam. A chelation challenge should not be performed. Blood and urine measurements can be carried out but only after abstinence from fish consumption for one week prior to collection (consider whether low levels may provide reassurance).

» Patient Instructions for 24h Urine Mercury Collection


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