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Our brand new Choose Your Own Rotation is an exciting offer for registered nurses – newly qualified and experienced. It's an opportunity to gain a broad range of clinical skills to help you discover your passions and interest to progress in your future nursing career.

We are offering a bespoke 18 month Choose Your Own Rotation and it's a fantastic opportunity for you to develop and grow as an individual. It's been designed based on feedback from our nursing colleagues and student nurses who've said that they would like a role that will help them gain different nursing experiences so they can progress and fast-track their careers and become our future leaders.

Gain valuable experience

The best thing about our Choose Your Own Rotation is that it's completely down to you in terms of where you would like to gain experience during the 18 months. You will be able to choose the areas you'd like to work in or if you're unsure we will put you in touch with our Talent Manager for Nursing and Midwifery who will be happy to discuss the options with you and will help guide you.

Most importantly, it's a flexible programme. You will choose your placements along the way. They will not be fixed and can be changed at the end of each six month term to ensure that you are gaining the experience and skills you what to learn.

Throughout the 18 months you'll deliver care and treat people from all walks of life, see life from new angle, accelerating your learning.

Choose your own placements

You can choose to spend your six month placements on our wards, working across medicine and surgery – take a look at the list of specialties available to you at the RUH below:

Acute Medicine Anaesthesia: Critical Care and Theatres Cardiology Dermatology Research Diabetes and Endocrinology Elderly Care (OPU) Emergency Department Gastroenterology General Surgery Hospital at Home Neurology Outpatients: Oral Surgery, Ophthalmology, ENT Pain Services Pathology Respiratory Medicine Rheumatology Theatres Trauma & Orthopaedics

Alternatively, you could also decide to spend one or two of your six month placements in the community with one of our local primary care practices and/or with our private care hospital - Sulis. See more details in the FAQs below.

Applications are now closed - however we will advertise this opportunity again in the summer. Please email our Talent Manager, Helen Slocombe via to join our waiting list so we can contact you when the job is live.

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Next steps

If you're interested in applying for the Choose Your Own Rotation contact Helen Slocombe, Talent Manager for Nursing and Midwifery who will give you more information about the rotation.

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