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Declarations of Interest

As an organisation and as individuals, we have a duty to ensure that all of our dealings are conducted to the highest standards of integrity and that NHS monies are used wisely so that our finite resources are allocated in the best interests of patients. As such all staff are required to declare any interests which may cause a conflict in their day to day work.

In particular the Trust asks that all senior managers, and those staff who have a decision making influence on the use of taxpayers' money, make an annual declaration of interests. This includes providing a Nil Return where they have nothing to declare and the information is then published on the Trust website for public scrutiny.

This is in line with the ‘Managing Conflicts of Interest in the NHS’ guidance that was issued by NHS England in 2017. A Trust policy has been developed to provide a practical interpretation of the guidance that will help our staff manage conflicts of interest risks effectively. Each and every member of staff is required to adopt and follow this policy at all times.

RUH Register of Interests

This document will be regularly updated to reflect any new appointments, leavers or changes to declared interests.

If you have any questions about the process or the published data, or would like a copy of the declarations of gifts and hospitality register please contact :

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