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RUH Redevelopment Plan

Your RUH is changing

We are entering the final stages of our RUH redevelopment strategy, having completed some major building projects to make the RUH Fit for the Future.

We've made significant improvements through refurbishment and upgrading work – and built some amazing new buildings that provide modern facilities and services we can be proud of.

We've begun a five-year programme of ward improvements and maintenance, bringing in a new Decant ward to sustain a rolling programme of essential works across our site.

Our new RNHRD and Brownsword Therapies Centre opened in September 2019, meaning we are able to clear vacant sites and, once the planning stages are finalised, start the development of the final piece of the puzzle, the Dyson Cancer Centre.

Future projects

We're designing a new Cancer Centre at the RUH that is centred around the patient and their experience. Staff will be able to provide clinically excellent care in an environment that is nurturing and therapeutic. The new Cancer Centre will replace older buildings next to the main hospital entrance.

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