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About medical revalidation for doctors in training

Since the end of 2012 licensed medical practitioners are required to demonstrate to the GMC, normally every five years, that they are up to date and fit to practice. This will happen through a recommendation being made to the GMC by the "Responsible Officer", normally a senior licensed doctor in the doctor's organisation or "designated body".

The designated body for trainees will be the Local Education and Training Board, and the Responsible Officer (RO) will be the Postgraduate Dean. As a trainee in Severn your designed body is Health Education South West and the current Responsible Officer is Professor Martin Beaman.

For doctors in training the revalidation cycle begins upon full registration (F2 for UK trainees) when your revalidation due date will be set, usually 5 years hence. This date will stand unless you subsequently enter training in General Practice when you will revalidate at CCT. For those in longer training programmes revalidation will happen after 5 years in addition to CCT.

Doctors in training are already highly supervised and will accumulate the majority of supporting information required for revalidation in a training portfolio. Therefore trainee revalidation will be via the Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP).

In order to incorporate Revalidation, the ARCP has been enhanced by developing the existing documents. The Form R, Educational Supervisors report and ARCP Outcome form now include sections relevant to revalidation, and in addition, an Employer's report has been created. The Royal United Hospital is also required to complete a real-time revalidation return to Severn Postgraduate Medical Education to triangulate the process.

The ARCP panel will determine whether or not there are any causes for concern, and the chair of the panel will relay this to the RO via the ARCP Outcome form. This will happen annually, although revalidation itself is on a five-year cycle.

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