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Attending the Clinic

You can attend on your own or choose to bring a friend, parent, relative or carer but we also encourage you to be seen on your own, even if just for a few minutes in case there are things you need to discuss in private.

Being seen by a male or female clinician

You can request whether you are seen by a male or female staff member.

If you have a preference please mention this to the receptionist if you attend the walk in clinic or on the phone when you book your appointment.

Any questions?

Please phone the health advisers on 01225 831593 if there is anything you are worried or unsure about.


Disability Access

If you are a young person with disabilities we will try and ensure that we meet your needs. The clinic has an access ramp, disabled toilets and the clinic is located next to a disabled car park. We can also arrange interpreting services. If you would like to discuss any particular needs please phone the health advisers.

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Did you know...

You can choose whether you are seen by a male or female member of staff.

Just tell us before you are seen