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Do I need to bring anything with me?

  1. Any medication you are taking
  2. Something to read. You may be in the unit for some time
  3. Dressing gown and slippers – you may walk to theatre
  4. Please do not bring any valuables with you
  5. Cheque to pay for any prescriptions/exemption certificate

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How long do I stay at the Surgical Short Stay?

If your appointment time is at 7.30am, your operation will take place during the morning. If you have been asked to arrive at 12.00 noon, your operation will take place between 1.15pm and 5.15pm. However some surgeons like all their patients to be brought in at 07.30, this will be discussed at your out patient appointment.

Please ensure you bring something with you to pass the time. Obviously nothing noisy as the ward is open and other patients prefer quiet.

When you arrive we will be able to give you an estimated time for your surgery. You will then need to rest in the Unit after your surgery and recover for an hour or so. The time will depend on the type and length of surgery - it is not possible to give a general length of stay.

The nursing staff will contact the transport you have arranged when you are ready to go home.

It is not possible for us to arrange transport home on the day. If you need an ambulance please contact your GP prior to admission.

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Preparing for surgery - What will I have to do?

To help us in reducing the risk to you of contracting an infection it is important that you:

  1. Have a bath or shower the morning of your operation
  2. Cleanse your skin with soap and a flannel
  3. Do not use talcum powder
  4. Wash your hair.
  5. Clean your nails
  6. Wear clean clothes into hospital including socks
  7. Provide a clean nightdress or pyjamas to wear after surgery

Ask us about anything that you are unsure of; we want you to be as relaxed as possible prior to your operation

You are welcome to have a companion stay with you during your time at Surgical Short Stay if you wish.

If you want your consultation to be more private then we do have rooms available for you – please ask.

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Things to avoid to help us

  • Do not wear makeup
  • Leave all your jewellery at home – wedding bands may be worn but will be taped up
  • Remove all nail varnish

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