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Overview of the Lung Cancer Service

The RUH lung cancer service involves several departments and many staff members, some of whom are based in the respiratory department. The full lung cancer multidisciplinary team includes; 6 respiratory consultants, a thoracic surgeon, 2 oncologists, 3 lung nurse specialists, 3 radiologists, a histopathologist, and palliative care nurses.

Lung Nurse Specialists

Our role is to support patients, their families and friends through the difficult and upsetting process of diagnosing lung cancer and receiving treatment.

We can help by:

  • Discussing the diagnosis
  • Providing advice and information about any tests or investigations that are needed
  • Advising on benefits and referring to the appropriate agencies
  • Advising on controlling physical symptoms
  • Giving information on any treatments that are offered
  • Liaising with and referring to community services
  • Providing written information
  • Giving time to talk about any concerns or worries

The Lung Nurse Specialists are usually available Monday – Friday, between 9am and 4pm.

Tests and treatment plans

Patients are initially seen in a respiratory clinic and are often referred for further tests such as CT scans, blood tests, bronchoscopy, or percutaneous biopsy. After initial tests, patients cases are discussed at our Lung Multidisciplinary Team Meeting where treatment plans are agreed.

Patients will be informed of their results in a further respiratory clinic appointment and referred on to an appropriate specialist such as an oncologist or thoracic surgeon.

The majority of cancer treatments including radiotherapy and chemotherapy are organised by our RUH oncologists, and provided on site at the RUH. Patients requiring surgery and specialised radiotherapy will need to visit the Bristol Royal Infirmary to undergo their surgical procedure.

The RUH lung cancer service has close links with community palliative care services including Dorothy House.

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