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Older People's Unit

The Older People's Unit (OPU) at the Royal United Hospital has a physiotherapy team (consisting of physiotherapists and physiotherapy assistants) which forms an integral part of the multidisciplinary team involved in the care and treatment of patients on the Unit.

Alongside the doctors and the other health professionals, the physiotherapy team work closely together with the patients, striving to identify and achieve their rehabilitation goals through a process of assessment, treatment planning and implementation.

The physiotherapy team aims to ensure that the care provided is positive, tailored to the individual and of the highest standard during their admission, and to plan successful and safe discharges with appropriate onward referral as necessary.

All patients admitted to the Older People's Unit are considered for Physiotherapy by the multidisciplinary team, and referred to the Physiotherapy Team if this is indicated.

Those patients referred are assessed by a physiotherapist who will help to determine where and by whom their ongoing care and rehabilitation needs can best be met.

In addition to numerous complex medical conditions seen by the physiotherapy team on the Unit, a high number of the patients are admitted with falls.

These patients are assessed by a member of the physiotherapy team, to help determine the reversible causes of their falls and to assess their function and mobility. Treatment can then be planned for the individual, during their inpatient stay and beyond.

The physiotherapy team strive to promote and maintain patients' independence as much as possible, encouraging early mobility, spending time out of bed and utilising all opportunities on the ward to improve function. Mobility charts displayed at the bedside provide a simple, but effective method for communicating mobility status to the entire multidisciplinary team

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