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Gynaecological Cancer

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Lois Jones
Telephone: (01225) 824652

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Diagnostic and Surgical Gynaecological Cancer Clinic Appointment Centre

The Diagnostic and Surgical Cancer Appointments Service is run by Lyn Merrett

The generic phone number for the appointments centre is:
Telephone: (01225) 82 1821

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Gynaecological Cancer Services

Lois Jones is the PA for this service and should be contacted for any administrative issues. Clinical nurse specialists are the point of contact for any queries related to clinics, symptoms and treatment.

Telephone:  (01225) 82 4652

Nurse Specialists navigate the patient journey:

  • Sister Tracie Miles
    Telephone:  (01225) 82 1553.
  • Sister Jane O'Mahoney
    Telephone:  (01225) 82 6465.
  • Sister Anna Donnovan is the Lead Nurse for the Royal United Colposcopy Services
    Telephone:  (01225) 82 4284.
  • Sister Kate Palastre is the Lead Sister who runs the Gynaecological Out-Patient services.
    Telephone:  (01225) 82 4664

The surgeons include Dr Nick Johnson, Russ Luker and Shashi Sholapurkar.

Diagnostic and Surgical Oncological Clinic Appointments:
Lynn Merrett
Telephone: (01225) 82 1821

Chemotherapy Services
Dr Rebecca Bowen and Dr Penny Kehagioglou

Specialist Clinical Oncology and Gynaecological Radiotherapy Services
Dr Penny Kehagioglou

General Medical (nonsurgical) Oncology
Telephone: (01225) 82 4797

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Money & Benefits

Karen Gough
Telephone:  (01225) 30 3819

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Multi Disciplinary Team Coordinator

The Bath data manager is Jade Fletcher
Telephone:  (01225) 82 5107

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Palliative Care Services for Gynaecological Cancer

Led by:

  • Emma Frampton
    Telephone:  (01225) 72 2999
  • Rachel Davis
    Telephone:  (01225) 82 5567

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Pathology: Specialist Gynaecological Service

Managed by Dr Pinias Mukonoweshuro and Dr Sarah Johnson

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Radiology: Specialist Gynaecological Service

Managed by Dr Simon Malthouse and Dr Kelly MacDonald
Telephone:  (01225) 82 4384 or (01225) 82 1174

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Oncology Contact Details

Outpatient appointments
Hayley Burles
Telephone: (01225) 82 5097 or (01225) 82 5663

Consultant Medical Oncologist (Chemotherapy):
Dr Rebecca Bowen.

Secretary: Cheryl Stansby
Telephone: (01225) 82 4831

Consultant Clinical Oncologist (Chemotherapy & Radiotherapy):
Dr Penny Kehagioglou

Secretary: Emma Norman
Telephone: (01225) 82 4317

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Regional Service

The service is coordinated with Bristol by Sally Hawkins
Telephone:  (0117) 3425464

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The research office is organized by Bea Hamilton
Telephone:  (01225) 821447 .

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Stoma and Colorectal Care

Service provided by Hazel Brooks
Telephone:  (01225) 82 4056

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Surgical Ward

The surgical ward is always available for advice and the direct line to Charlotte ward is:
Telephone:  (01225) 82 4464 / (01225) 82 4434.

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Uterine Diagnostic Cancer Services

The Diagnostic Uterine Cancer Services (abnormal uterine bleeding clinic/post menopausal bleeding clinic) is supported by Catherine Prysor-Jones. Catherine can be contacted on (01225) 82 5634.

The lead clinician is Dr Shashi Sholapurkar

Telephone:  (01225) 82 5634

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