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Acute Pain

lightening image Any pain that is of recent onset (perhaps under three months) can be considered to be acute pain (‘acute’ does not describe severity, but duration). In simple terms, acute pain is easier to treat than chronic pain. This is because changes in the central nervous system of sufferers have not yet occurred to prolong the pain.

However, some pains present a high risk of chronicity. These pains include those that occur in people who already have other chronic pains. Other pains that may quickly become long-term are those associated with some kinds of surgery (especially body surface surgery such as hernia repairs, breast surgery and limb amputation). The pain of shingles (post-herpetic neuralgia), and many other pains, can also persist for a long time.

Because of this risk of developing chronic pain in the future, effective management of acute pain is very important. We know that early intervention has the greatest chance of improving or removing the pain.

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