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Pacemaker Insertion and Box Change


New pacemaker systems are inserted at RUH for patients who are at risk of unacceptable bradycardia or who would benefit from cardiac chamber resynchronisation or stabilisation.

Pacemaker 'boxes' or generators have batteries which need to be replaced every few years.


Patients receiving a new system will usually stay in hospital for 2 nights. Patients for box change usually stay 1 night.

Details of the procedure are in the document: A Patient's Guide to Pacemaker Procedures


Dr. Hubbard: Tuesday afternoon
Dr. Mansfield: Wednesday afternoon
Dr. Easaw: Thursday afternoon
Dr. FitzGerald: Tuesday afternoon


Patients are referred by a Cardiologist on the basis of symptoms, history and information obtained from ECG recordings.

Appointments are made by the Cardiology Booking Team Leader


Cardiac Centre, 3rd Floor Central, Royal United Hospital, Bath


As outlined in the Patient's Guide

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