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Dermatology Clinic



The dermatology department is comprised of a team of Consultants, an Associate Specialist,
a full-time Lead Nurse in Dermatology, three Dermatology Nurse Sisters, three Skin Cancer Specialist Nurses and nursing staff dedicated to providing a comprehensive service for patients with all types of skin disorders and skin lesions. We are supported by our reception and administration staff who we work with closely. Read more about us below.

Appointments: 01225 821821

More about the Clinic

  • Friendly consultant-led department.
  • Outstanding Dermatology Day Treatment Centre manned by expert nurses
    supervised by a highly experienced Dermatology Nurse Manager
  • Team of Skin Cancer Specialist Nurses to provide expert care for patients with skin cancer including photodynamic therapy for superficial sun damage
  • Team of dermatology sisters, who undertake out-patient clinics for patients
    on biologic therapy and second-line oral therapies
  • Specialist clinics for vulval disease, paediatric dermatology, immunosuppressed patients, patients on biologic therapy. International consultant expertise in contact allergy, rheumatological skin disease, vulval and paediatric eczema
  • Close senior consultant collaboration in dermatology/rheumatology clinics which allows collaborative research work for patients with psoriasis and connective tissue diseases
  • Contributor to biologics registry for UK (BADBIR), to clinical trials and a lead centre for national allergy audits
  • Senior consultant who edits the Community Dermatology Journal on behalf of the International Foundation for Dermatology and regular contributor to Rook's Textbook of Dermatology

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