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Blood Transfusion

Biomedical scientists (BMS) provide the hospital blood transfusion service. They are responsible for ensuring that blood components for transfusion to patients are compatible. They carry out blood group, antibody screening and antibody identification (if required) including the routine testing on antenatal patients.

Opening times

The blood transfusion service is available 24 hours a day. However, prioritisation of requests is undertaken, particularly when fewer staff are available (Restricted Period: 5:15pm to 9:00am Monday to Friday and weekends/public holidays).

Requests for blood components and other tests must be discussed with duty Haematology BMS staff (Haematology: bleep 7555 out of hours)

If a patient has a red cell antibody please contact the department ASAP if there may be a requirement for a red cell transfusion.

Contact information

Blood Transfusion Service 01225 824734
01225 824735
Helen Maria
(Transfusion Specialist)
01225 821134
bleep 7841
Fax 01225 824765

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