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Blood Sciences

Blood Test Information

(a.k.a AND)
minimum sample volume required ~ 5ml

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Tube type: SST

Special instructions
Reference ranges Female: 6-24months <0.5 2-3y <0.6 4-5y <0.7 6-7y <1.0 7-9y <1.5 10-11y <4.3 12-13y 0.8-6.0 14-15y 1.4-7.0 16-17y 1.2-7.4 18-29y 1.6-7.5 30-39y 1.2-6.0 40-49y 0.9-4.8 50-59y 0.7-3.8 60-69y 0.5-3.0 70-80y 0.5-2.5
Sent away to University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff

Reference range
Age and sex specific, see above (female) and below (male).


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Turnaround Time
21 days

Department: Biochemistry

Clinical Application
Main use, together with DHAS, as second-line investigation of hirsutism or virilisation in women. Testosterone should always be checked before requesting androstenedione............................. Male Reference ranges: 6-24 months:<0.5, 2-3 years:<0.4, 4-5 years:<0.6, 6-7 years:<1.0, 7-9 years:<1.1, 10-11 years:<1.4, 12-13 years:<2.2, 14-15 years:0.6-3.3, 16-17 years:1.1-3.9, 18-40 years:1.2-4.7, >40 years:0.8-3.1.


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