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Protein (Urine)
24 Hour Urine (no Preservative)(Phone (82)4712 to order)

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Tube type: Plain 24hr Urine

Special instructions
For the majority of patients, 24hr quantification of protein excretion is not necessary and should not be requested unless advised by a Renal Specialist.

Reference range
Protein Excretion: <0.15

Protein (g/L), Protein Excretion (g/24h)

Turnaround Time
2 days

Department: Biochemistry

Clinical Application
Early morning urine sample for Albumin/Creatinine ratio is the preferred screening test for proteinuria in non-pregnant adults, Protein/Creatinine ratio may be used as an alternative for monitoring of patients with known proteinuria.

» Screening patients for proteinuria


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