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Blood Sciences

Blood Test Information

minimum sample volume required ~ 5ml

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Tube type: SST

Special instructions
Please note: All samples are also analysed for thyroglobulin antibodies as their presence can interfere with the assay for thyroglobulin.
Sent away to Endocrine laboratory, Department of Medical Biochemistry & Immunology, University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff

Reference range
<0.1 (In thyroid cancer patients, after total throidectomy and I131 ablation)


Turnaround Time
28 days

Department: Biochemistry

Clinical Application
Used as a tumour marker to monitor patients with a history of differentiated thyroid cancer following treatment with a total-thyroidectomy.

Upon special request (due to the presence of interfering thyroglobulin antibodies), samples may be sent for an alternative method performed at University Hospitals, Birmingham NHS trust.

Please telephone to discuss with biochemistry clinical staff if you would like to arrange this (x4711/4713/4715).


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