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Work Related Illness & Injury

Our occupational health physicians can provide support and an opinion in cases of work related illness and injury.

We also have extensive experience in the more complex cases. The qualifications and expertise of our consultant and physicians together with the Royal United Hospital Bath NHS Trust's reputation and the NHS assurance make us the preferred choice for such cases.

If appropriate, we can make recommendations for adjustments or alterations to the work as well as the work environment, thus facilitating a quick return to work.

Where necessary, correctly structured rehabilitation programmes can also be devised.

Our specialists can provide professional advice regarding the effect of the workplace on an individual's health and help determine whether a medical condition has been caused or aggravated by work and related exposures.

Advice can also be given on workplace hazards in relation to health and safety law to help reduce occupational illness and injury and the associated costs like sickness absence, litigation and prosecution by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE).

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