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Sickness Absence

Long-term sickness absence or frequent short-term episodes can result in lowered productivity, inefficiencies and wastage of your resources.

Our occupational physicians can determine if there are underlying causes affecting your employee's ability to work.

Our specialists provide professional advice regarding the effect of the workplace on an individual's health and help determine whether a medical condition has been caused or aggravated by work and related exposures.

If appropriate, they can make recommendations for adjustments or alterations to the work and the work environment to facilitate an employee's quick return to work and help devise correctly structured rehabilitation programmes.

Our occupational physicians can advise on an individual's fitness to work and can discuss sickness absence patterns with employees and advise whether there is a health problem affecting attendance, performance or productivity. We can then report any medical conditions back to the referring manager to facilitate return to work programmes and absence management policies.

We can also advise on disability issues (with reference to the Equality Act) and ill-health retirement.

We can help identify stress related issues and our counsellors can help your staff manage stress and where appropriate provide help with conflict resolution and mediation. They can offer support for bereavement and other psychological issues.

Having an employee off work costs your business money

Royal United Occupational Health can help you get your employee back to work faster and save your business money.

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