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Medical Examinations

As well as determining fitness to work and helping your employees get back to work faster, our occupational physicians also conduct a range of other medical examinations. A selection of these include:

LGV medicals

To apply for or renew a Large Goods Vehicle license, a medical report will be required. Our occupational physicians offer this as well as a range of other driver medicals.

Hackney carriage or taxi cab medicals

To apply for or renew your hackney carriage or taxi cab licence, your local licensing authority will require proof that you are medically fit to do so. Royal United Occupational Health specialists perform hackney carriage or taxi cab medicals on a regular basis.

Radiation workers’ medicals

The Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposure) Regulations 2000 applies for employees likely to receive an effective dose of exposure to radiation in excess of 6mSv per year. Should an employee receive an overexposure, a medical review will be required at least annually by an HSE appointed doctor.

Our lead consultant Dr Colin Payton is an HSE Appointed Doctor for the purposes of the above regulations.

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