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GPs and Dentists

Sharps & Contamination Incidents from 1st April 2017

NHS GPs and Dentists

From 1st April 2017, all NHS GPs and Dentists as well as their practice employed staff should contact Heales Medical on 0844 842 1755 extension 4000.  Any previous agreement you have with us no longer applies and we are unable to assist you nor provide telephone advice.

Private Dental Practices

The Care Quality Commission requires private dental practices to have an Occupational Health provider in place. If you have a retainer contract with ourselves for sharps & contamination support, please telephone us for advice. If you do not have a contract with Royal United Occupational Health, your manager will need to complete our Sharps & Contamination Payment Agreement Form. This completed form needs to be emailed or faxed to us before we are able to assist you. If you are a private dental practice and you have completed the payment agreement form but we find you already have a retainer contract in place, please be assured that you will not be charged twice for the same services.

Referrals to Occupational Health and other appointments

Royal United Occupational Health will invoice your practice for all appointments and any services provided.   This means that if you make a referral to an Occupational Health practitioner or if you require immunisations, blood tests and other services, your practice will be charged.  Please complete the GP & Dental Practice Billing Form when you send your referral or when you wish to book an appointment.


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