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The impact of Alcohol misuse on business

How we can help

Our Consultant Occupational Physician Dr Colin Payton was an invited guest speaker at the Wessex Chambers of Commerce Business Breakfast on 24th June 2011, held at the Cumberwell Golf Club.

Dr Payton, a member of the Executive Committee of the Medical Council for Alcohol and a Fellow of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine, spoke about the impact of employee alcohol misuse on business and how Royal United Occupational Health's alcohol misuse programme can help.

Employee alcohol misuse can harm your business

Dr Colin Payton contributed an article which was published in the March/April 2011 issue of "Update", GWE Business West's bi-monthly business magazine.

"Employee alcohol misuse can harm your business"
by Dr Colin Payton

A key employee can be difficult to replace and our cutting edge alcohol programme provides intensive support to help the employee overcome the problem. Given the nature of the problem, inevitably some employees fail to manage their misuse. In such cases, the programme provides clear evidence of continuing problems which permits employers to consider whether continuation of employment is appropriate.

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