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Mike Coupe
Consultant Anaesthetist

I was elected for my second term as a Staff Governor in October 2017. I had previously served as one of the original Staff Governors who were in post at the time the RUH gained Foundation Trust status.

I stood again as a Staff Governor, as I think it is vital that we have frontline clinical staff in a position to influence the direction of the Trust, via the governor route, for the benefit of our patients and all who work at the RUH.

I have been a consultant anaesthetist in the RUH for 13 years, although much of my work is now in the Pain Clinic and in the Intensive Care Unit.

Our role as Staff Governors is to represent the views of the RUH staff to the executive team of the hospital, via the Council of Governors. To help us do this we need to hear your views on the work of the Trust!

If you want to bring anything to our attention please contact us via the Membership Office at and we will do our best to help you ourselves or point you in the direction of someone who can.

Darrin King
Restaurant Supervisor

I am the supervisor for the Lansdown Restaurant. The location and nature of where I work has made me highly accessible to staff and has provided a great opportunity for them to discuss any issue they feel needs to be taken to a higher level.

It was suggested a few months before the last election process started 'why don't you go for Staff Governor?' my initial thoughts were 'don't be crazy I'll never be able to do that, no one would vote for me etc. however thinking about it later I figured why not!

Having asked a Staff Governor about the work they did and reading about the position I thought it would be something I would be interested in. Indeed, getting a view of the day to day 'behind the scenes' activity of a large hospital has been very interesting. I have already been on some training days and felt that it was invaluable in my understanding of the role. I'm still very new to this role and to be fair -a very steep learning curve, but it has been worth it.

I thinks it's a great opportunity for staff to challenge decisions that potentially impact on their working life/ environment so the idea that I could in some way make a change for the better is the main driver into why I am pleased to be a Staff Governor.
Kate Fryer
Senior Buyer

I currently work within the Procurement Team supporting the Surgery Division.

I wanted to be a Staff Governor because I want to make this organisation better and I believe a great way to do this is by ensuring the line of communication between staff and the Board is working, ensuring the Board understands the implications of changes to staff and that it takes action on issues that are important to staff.

I would like to achieve the creation of a line of communication between staff and Directors that is enriched with examples of where RUH directives and policies are not being translated to the operational level so that the RUH can easily target failing areas. Currently staff concerns are rarely the remit of the Governor's as these are classed as operational rather than strategic so the best way I represent staff concerns is to create a channel whereby concerns are submitted, tracked and responded/acted on.
Julie Scriven
Deputy Head of Audiology

I am an Audiologist working at RUH, and was elected as Staff Governor in October 2016. It was a role I was keen to undertake to represent staff views, and concerns in this challenging time. It has been a very busy time for me and a sharp learning curve, and I have been given a real insight in the role of Governance, and the influence that it has. I now feel that I am more informed to fulfil my role to its full potential. It also gives me an opportunity to discuss issues with other members of the Governing Body.

I have attended training, meetings and conferences and have become involved in the Membership Committee, where I hope to attend various staff meetings around the site, with other Staff Governors. I have already been contacted by several staff members who raised concerns, and they have been dealt with in a timely way, by the team that support us.

It has also highlighted to me how dedicated the RUH staff are, and how hard they work, at improving patient care, and creating good working practice for staff. I can be found any Tuesday Lunchtime in the chapel singing with the RUH Choir, which is a fantastic for helping with that "stressful morning".
Shaun Lomax
Business Analyst

I am a Senior Business Analyst in BIU (Business Intelligence Unit).

I was interested in becoming a Staff Governor as a way to gain first hand assurance that the Board of Directors are meeting the challenges faced by the hospital during this difficult time for the NHS.

As a Staff Governor I want to help the staff voice their concerns and ensure they are at the top of the agenda.


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To find out more about the role of a Governor please contact the Membership Office on
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