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City of Bath

Amanda Buss

Prior to joining the RUH as a governor I worked in a number of industries including, Health, Financial Services and the hospitality sector. I have lived in Central Bath for the last 10 years, and during that time I have watched the RUH evolve, and improve the quality of the services that it provides.

I have always been a passionate supporter of the NHS, and when the opportunity to become a governor arose, I felt that I could contribute to the continuing development of the RUH and its role within the local community. I am particularly keen to encourage communication between hospital and the public and to encourage a shared responsibility for healthcare, as I believe that, in order to operate at its best, the NHS must interact and work with the community that it serves.

Although it is early days, my areas of greatest interest are the Quality Improvement Programme, where I believe the RUH is a market leader, as well as the hospital's communication/health education role in relation to both patients and the wider community.

I am proud to have been elected as a governor for the city, and I look forward to representing the people of Bath at the RUH.
Mike Midgley

Mike has worked in Bath as an NHS dentist for 25 years and is looking forward to being part of the team that helps maintain the excellence that the RUH has upheld. Despite the increased pressures he is keen to ensure that the RUH, and the NHS as a whole, is run for people rather than profit.

Mike would like to help strengthen links between the RUH and the wider community, with an emphasis on support for community services and initiatives.

North East Somerset

Helen Rogers

I grew up on a farm in the Irish republic and trained as a nurse before going to Manchester to become a midwife. I eventually settled in Bath, where I was employed as a midwife before obtaining a post with the Royal College of Midwives, first as a Regional Officer for the South West and then as Director for Wales, which is my current role.

I became a member of the RUH and stood for governor because I believe I have skills and expertise that can help the hospital to be a centre of excellence for the population it serves.

I am particularly interested in how the hospital organises and runs its services, and I chair the Governors Strategy and Business Planning Working Group. I am also interested in women's issues and of course anything to do with maternity and babies.
Nick Houlton

I would like to thank everybody who voted for me during the 2016 election and I am very pleased to be re-elected as your Governor for North East Somerset.

I shall continue my efforts to represent your interests and to ensure that you are provided with the best service possible. 

I would be very glad to hear from anybody who has any queries, and with my colleague Helen Rogers we shall continue to hold public meetings across the area to which you will all be very welcome.


Michael Welton

I am a retired Aerospace Manager. Married with three children and live in Frome.

I became a governor because I think it is an important democratic principle that the community is involved in the Trust in order to give it a strong membership base and representative local governors.

I am interested in four main areas of development at the RUH. These are Strategy and Business Planning, Quality of Care, Process Efficiency Improvements and the Development of the Membership.

Through research and observation I intend to ensure that the RUH is on the right course to serve its members and the wider community.
Anne Martin

Anne has worked in education and pastoral care and takes an active interest in healthcare provision in Somerset, especially the Mendip District.

As a patient, carer and friend working and living with people with health problems both physical and mental, Anne appreciates how health providers have to work together to meet an individual’s needs and believes this to be an invaluable trait for a Governor.

North Wiltshire

Jan Taylor

I retired from my career within NHS Cancer Services in 2007 after over 35 years working as a Therapeutic Radiographer. I trained and worked for over 20 years at the Christie Hospital in Manchester, moving to Clatterbridge Centre for Oncology, the Mersey Regional Centre in 1992. Until my retirement I was Radiotherapy Service Manager at the Northamptonshire Centre for Oncology for six years.

During my career I became increasingly aware of the many challenges that face providers of modern NHS services. I was involved, in clinical service delivery, management, and Quality Assurance, as well as, at local, regional and national level, with staff training, service development and strategic planning.

My partner, Geff - who is himself a cancer survivor - and I moved to Corsham in 2008 to be closer to our family. I have maintained my interest in the NHS, and especially Cancer Services and I am actively involved in fund-raising for the Bath Cancer Unit Support Group – the local charity which over the last 25years or so has raised over £3.5million to provide additional equipment and facilities for Oncology patients at RUH.

The Council of Governors has already established a number of Working Groups to enable Governors to focus more effectively on issues affecting the Trust. I am Chair of the Quality Working Group, as well as being a member of the Strategy and Business Planning and the Public Engagement Groups.

My aim is to establish practical mechanism to enable the people of North Wiltshire to feel part of their local Healthcare system and to encourage members, and their friends and families, to engage actively with the Trust.
Chris Callow

Chris was delighted to be
re-elected as Governor for North Wiltshire.

He has lived in Wiltshire for twenty six years and hopes that his experience in local government and connections to the local community will be skills that are needed by the RUH now, and in the future.

Chris looks forward to continuing to communicate with as many people as possible who use our services.

South Wiltshire

Jane Shaw

I am retired from a varied career in health management, university teaching and overseas service, first in development and latterly as an ordained priest. I am still active in my local church ministry team, and in various overseas interests.

I stood as a governor because my family has had long associations with the RUH and I want to support it and be involved with its continuing development. I am especially interested in the patient's experience and the quality of care, and also in the long-term development of the hospital.

I am looking to find ways of communicating effectively with the members who elected me, and representing their views to the RUH management.
James Colquhoun

James has worked in the public sector for over 20 years and has enjoyed attending the Caring for You events at the RUH.

He is keen to take on the role of Governor to represent the patient and public interest thereby helping to raise the RUH’s performance to even higher standards. James hopes that his public sector background provides relevant, transferable skills that can be applied to the RUH governor role and exercised with the best interests of the South Wiltshire constituency in mind.

Rest of England & Wales

Bill Aiken

The RUH plays a key role in the lives of those we serve, both on happy occasions like births, and when we need immediate treatment or longer-term health care. All three generations of my family make use of the RUH, and I want to offer something back. I live in Marshfield near Bath and represent the Rest of England and Wales constituency.

My day job involves helping organisations and their people 'survive and thrive' in an ever-changing world. I have joined the Strategy & Planning group for the RUH to help in the development of a sustainable long-term strategy. But as a cancer survivor I am also keenly interested in the cancer 'survivorship' programme.

To help the RUH be the best it can be I will bring the concerns and ideas of the Trust members in my constituency to the Board, and offer whatever support I can.

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